Our Services

Special steel structures design
Aircraft hangers, heavy industrial structures, bridges, shopping malls, stadiums, steel coverings, belt conveyor steel structure, pipe rack, platform, pavilions, stages, amphitheaters.
Concrete/wood structures design
Our work covers a large range of buildings from residential to office, commercial, industrial buildings, water reservoir, clarifies, waste water treatment, cooling tower, silo, chimney, heavy machinery foundation, tunnel & metro.
Tensile Structures concept & design
This field represents our core business with many completed projects all over the world. The possibilities offered by this type of structured are very wide & we can offer to our clients, many solutions for one single proposal, so that the clients can select the one which they prefer.
ETFE Cushions design
ETFE cushions are a lightweight alternative to glass roofs or facades. The cussions are pressurized with air to provide structural stability & the layers of ETFE can be coated to provide effective insulating values.
Retractable roofs
A retractable roof is an important opportunity to change the aspect of buildings such as stadiums, shopping malls & theaters & gives them the possibility to be used also in bad weather condition or to be opened to the sky in sunny days.
Renewable energies & solar plants
Our company is involved with the most important Italian energy companies ( ENEL & ENEA ) in developing & making high efficiency solar plants in South of Italy.
Buildings renovation
With the continuous emphasis on “green” projects, it’s becoming gradually more & more important to renovate old buildings than to build new ones. We have managed several projects of this type on historical buildings.
Preliminary studies
We can provide a high quality package to clients, including preliminary analysis & preliminary drawings with render views to help visualize the proposed structure.
Software Development, CFD Analysis & building physics
MEC & DIBA develops tensile software & provides a complete study of structure stresses & behavior under push of wind & snow, and static tests in accordance with standard regulations.