Who We Are?

Within 6 years of cooperation between Diba Tensile Architecture ( dibats.com ) & Maffeis Engineering & Consulting
( Maffeis.it ), we designed & constructed numerous tensile structures & bridges in different scales. MEC & DIBA is the partnership between the 2 companies based in Tehran which offers unique architectural designs within innovative structural solutions and sustainable structure approach. Our services contain:

  • Full range of engineering and consulting services
  • Special steel structures design
  • Special concrete/wood structures design
  • Membrane structures design & construction
  • Design of ETFE cushions
  • Retractable roofs
  • Solar plants & renewable energies
  • Buildings renovation
  • Project management
  • Preliminary studies
  • Software development, CFD analysis & building physics

Diba Tensile Architecture

Diba was established in Tehran, Iran, in August 2005 and is specialized in the field of Membrane Structures. So far, the company has finished many projects in different cities of Iran. Diba is a company which uses expertise, latest methods & knowledge cooperating with a specialized group that does the consulting, design, manufacturing & installation of Membrane Structures.


ME+C is a consulting services-company, specialized in CFD analysis & architectural design software development.

Our Vision

We understand that in every structure, meaningful construction and ecological efficiency are as crucial as functionality and design. Form and supporting structures are only effective if they meld together to become one entity.

Along with the changes in planning and building over past decades, it is more important than ever to look beyond the knowledge we have acquired.

Because to influence the future of built environment carries with it a weighty responsibility.

Our performance allows us to grow continuously since the start of our company. We serve all markets, including Sport, Public, Commercial, Industrial, Bridge and Energy Technology.

Our constant efforts at improvement and development of the services we offer, has led us to a new available CFD analysis for the state of art wind loading calculations for unconventionally shaped structures and the heat transfer technology.

Our Mission


As structural engineers we are generalists who collaborates as equal with all those involved in construction – clients, architects, specialist engineers, industry and builders. As a committed team , we do the best possible job for current and future generations.

Our Partners